National Saddle Centre USA | NSC Jhuliet
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NSC Jhuliet


The Jhuliet saddle fits a large variety of horses, but has its own unique design benefits. It is wider through the rails of the tree in the twist area, which allows it to sit down and around a broader horse’s back, giving a feeling of natural close contact on broad back. The panels are flocked for more epaxial muscle support via their slightly increased depth. We have maintained a moderate twist, which is great for most riders. The design of the moderate twist in this model often helps with lower leg stability. Rider’s will comment that the seat rides open, while still maintaining support from its deep seat. This helps avoid contact with between the rider’s pelvis and the pommel. The pommel is quite open horizontally and vertically, which allows for increased wither clearance in those horse’s who need it. The panels are available quilted in the rear for a curvier back, or non-quilted for a flatter back.

Options include:

Style: Monoflap dressage
Seat: 16.5”, 17”, 17.5”, 18”
Tree: M, MW, W
Panel options: quilted or nonquilted rear gusset
Knee roll: short, medium, or long


Additional Information
Seat Size

16.5”, 17”, 17.5”, 18”

Tree Width

M, MW, W

Panel Options

Quilted, Nonquilted

Knee Roll

Short, Medium, Long