National Saddle Centre USA | Our Brand
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Our Brand

National Saddle Centre USA offers fine English riding equipment with superb functionality. We are dedicated to the art and science of saddle and tack design and fit. We are excited to contribute to and support research and innovation in tack design and functionality. We are also committed to supplying products which have proven themselves via top athletes performing at the highest levels of their sport.

NSC USA reflects the common beliefs and goals of SMS Qualified Master Saddle Fitter and Saddler Lesley McGill, and Veterinarian and Certified Saddle Fitter Dr. Jennifer Smith, who together, combine their vast experience and knowledge of saddles, tack, and the health of the horse. Lesley McGill is a bench saddler and SMS qualified saddle fitter, with over a decade of experience in the field and a master of solving complex saddle fitting issues. Dr. Smith is a certified saddle fitter, who is a capable bench saddler, able to flock and adjust english saddle trees to fit the horse. Dr. Smith’s veterinary practice specializes in the health of the horses back, spine, skeletal alignment, and muscle health utilizing acupuncture, myofascial release, and spinal manipulation techniques. Their combined background makes for a powerful team in the development of functional and proven equestrian equipment. The NSC USA team regularly attends international continuing educational events supporting saddle research and development, assuring our company and products remain cutting edge and relevant to our consumers.

You will find in our educational center that we endorse and support efforts to scientifically analyze how tack fits and functions, including the complicated interplay between horse, rider, and tack. We routinely utilize advanced technology such as computerized pressure testing and thermography in order to better understand saddle, pad, and girth fit. This has become an integral part of our product development process.

We remain particularly committed to the quality and craftsmanship of our fine English saddle makers, with whom we work closely to manufacture our saddles and strapping goods. We travel regularly to England where we are able to revise saddle tree design, panels, seats, and any other features of our saddles deemed necessary to best suit the athlete and rider’s needs.

Further, we believe strongly in quality saddle pads manufactured from natural materials with superb fit, adaptability, and functionality. It is our belief that traditional materials such as natural sheepskin, high grade pressed wool felt, and cotton provide the greatest protection for the horse’s back. Saddle pads are the interface between the saddle and the horse, and the utmost consideration should be paid regarding pad fit and quality. We offer a range of saddle pads to suit the needs of horses and riders, in half pads, full pads, and a variety of felt inserts to aid with shock absorption and saddle fit problems. Our saddle pads and inserts have been through extensive product testing and development with our riders, using computerized pressure testing technology to document their effects on the horse.

Please see our rider feedback section for a better understanding of the functionality of any of our products.

We look forward to your inquiries and feedback regarding our products, and are excited to continue to share our enthusiasm about the National Saddle Centre brand.